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Car Accident Lawyer of Ehline Law Firm PC Discusses What To Do After a Wreck

I have traveled a lot, and have seen a lot of accidents.  Before I was clerking for auto injury lawyers, I had already had my share of brushes with death on the highways. With accidents costing this nation billions of dollars each year in damages and injuries, it is important that each driver keep driving safety in mind at all times. No matter how safe a driver may be, there are always others who unfortunately aren’t as safe, and cause accidents involving innocent victims.

These victims not only have the immediate problems of the accident to deal with, but also have to figure out how to pay the medical bills, car repairs, and other losses that happen because of the accident. Assuming that the other party or even the victim’s own insurance will pay often leaves the victim with a pile of bills and expenses and seemingly nowhere to turn. However, the victim of an accident caused by another does actually have recourse: auto injury lawyers.And you need to be prepared since no one wants to learn what to do after a wreck after a collision occurs.
When a victim is injured due to another’s negligence in a car accident, hiring an auto injury lawyer can help the victim to:
  • Receive appropriate and immediate medical evaluation and care. Receive ongoing medical care if necessary.
  • Recover other financial losses resulting from the accident.
  • Protect the victim from being blamed by the negligent party.
  • Win a settlement that covers costs for both medical and other losses in court.
When injuries occur, the insurance company of the other side and sometimes even the victim’s own insurance company may refuse some treatments that the medical care team considers important.
To whom should the victim trust their medical decisions; the doctors, or insurance workers?

Neglecting important testing and treatment can lead to medical issues, even debilitation in the future. A qualified auto injury lawyer will not only have experience with the types of testing and treatment that victims often need, but will have expert resources who can make sure that the victim understands what types of treatment he should have. Additionally, qualified attorneys can often facilitate treatment for the victim without the victim being saddled with huge medical costs that shouldn’t have been his to pay in the first place.

When care is needed, it is needed immediately before ongoing damage makes things worse. When long-term treatment is necessary, the victim can’t necessarily depend on either insurance company to volunteer to go the distance with him. However, an auto accident injury lawyer can help ensure that the victim of accidents gets care over time. Planning ahead for treatment, a lawyer can include future care in the eventual settlement amount so that victims have no need to fear for the future of their health care. Of course, medical bills aren’t the only financial tolls suffered in auto accidents. The victim often finds themselves with lost wages, alternate transportation costs, child care bills, and other expenses that resulted from the accident.

An experienced auto injury lawyer will realize that injuries aren’t the only source of losses and will protect the victim on all levels. Financial protection isn’t the only type of protection victims need. In court, the defendant’s party will often try to shift the blame (and the financial responsibility) of the accident back onto the victim. They will minimize the victim’s rights and needs.

The auto injury attorney with experience knows the aggressive tactic that the defendant’s team will take and can protect the victim from exploitation and neglect. No one is better qualified to fight in a court of law than a successful and experienced auto injury attorney for the victims of auto accident injuries. In the end, victims of car accidents that retain auto injury lawyers find that their cases are historically more successful, with larger settlement amounts. Larger settlements mean more long-term financial protection for the victim, helping to ensure that his needs are covered now and in the future.

If you or your loved one is the victim of a car accident resulting in injuries due to another’s negligence, Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, is a car accident lawyer with the know-how, success, and experience to win your case. As a Marine, Michael Ehline has the drive and ethics that it takes to protect innocent victims of auto accidents. As a proud Californian, Michael Ehline has offices located throughout California for the ease of his clients. When you need a lawyer who can’t be beat on your side, please call Michael Ehline today at 1-888-400-9721.

What Can a Car Accident Attorney Do For Me?

Car accidents are very common in California, which boasts some of the busiest freeways and roads in the nation. While most drivers and passengers understand the dangers of road travel, most aren’t prepared when an accident happens. At that time of pain and frustration, a victim might not be aware of his rights and options. Hiring a car accident attorney can help clarify for a victim exactly what rights they have, often more than they even realize, as well as obtaining a more appropriate final settlement amount from the negligent party.
Car accident attorneys can help the victim of car accidents by:
  • Helping the accident victim obtain immediate medical testing and treatment.
  • Handling all of the insurance companies involved.
  • Recovering lost income, both present and future.
  • Compensating all medical costs.
  • Compensating many other costs related to the accident.
Helping the Car Accident Victim get Medical Care

The first priority of a car accident victim and their attorney after a collision will be making sure that the victim is properly stabilized, tested, and treated for their injuries in a hospital and specialist setting. While this may seem difficult and expensive to the victim, testing and care can be arranged by a qualified car accident attorney through a proper facility. The health of the victim shouldn’t have to wait for paperwork or insurance company approval as every minute counts.

Dealing with Insurance Companies after an Accident

The last thing the victim of a car accident needs to have to deal with while healing are insurance companies and their agents. Insurance companies, no matter whether that of the victim or negligent party, aren’t apt to approve repayment of all the victim’s losses after an accident. A qualified car accident attorney understands intimately how insurance companies work; he can use that knowledge to the benefit of the victim, facilitating higher settlements and repayments that can be more readily accepted by the insurance companies, combating the aggressive tactics of insurance company lawyers.

Recovery of Lost Income, both Present and Future for the Victim

With the injuries sustained in a car accident come lost time at work. Some injuries result in debilitation that lasts a life-time, preventing the victim from ever being able to work as in the past. A qualified car accident attorney will not only take into consideration past lost wages, but future losses and provide for those losses within the final settlement amount.

Compensation for All Medical Expenses

Car accidents result in very high bills for the victim, including testing, treatment, medications, and even long term therapy, rehabilitation, and counseling. These costs should be provided for the victim. Long-term medical needs can be arranged for within the settlement process if a car accident attorney is used, unlike what might happen if only insurance handles the matter.

Compensation for Wide-Ranging Losses Related to the Accident

An experienced car accident attorney will understand that the costs of a car accident range far beyond simple medical expenses. Factors such as pain and suffering, child care, and other expenses should be and will be provided for in a settlement handled by a car accident attorney. These expenses would be swept under the rug for an unrepresented victim. When you or your loved one is the victim of a car accident resulting in injuries and losses due to another’s negligence in California, Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, can help.

Michael Ehline understands the intricacies of car accidents and all the surrounding circumstances and can help the victim by protecting their rights and fighting for a higher settlement to cover losses. As a Marine, Michael Ehline has the ethics and determination it takes to successfully protect a victim and their family. Ehline Law Firm PC has offices located conveniently throughout California, including 4445 Eastgate Mall, #200, San Diego, CA 92121 USA+619.312.6050. If you would like more information on how Michael Ehline can help you, please call 1-888-400-9721.

Car Accident Insurance Claims

Car accidents are not a welcome part of driving, but they are a reality. Arming one’s self with information about what to do in case of an accident can really help an accident victim when accidents do occur. One of the major parts of a car accident is filing a car accident insurance claim. While the process seems straight forward, there some things to do and not to do when filing your claim.

At the accident scene:
  • Do not admit that you are responsible or liable for any part of the accident whatsoever.
  • Do contact your insurance agency to make them aware of the accident.
  • Do not allow the other parties to upset you; remain calm.
  • Do call police and other first responders, including an ambulance.
  • Do gather as much information from the negligent party.
  • Do agree to being evaluated by an ambulance technician and taken to the hospital if there are any injuries.
Information gathered at the scene should include as much of the following as possible:
  • The driver’s license and name of the driver.
  • The phone number and information for their insurance company.
  • The license plate number and a description of their vehicle.
  • Any information about the location (street name, intersection, etc.).
  • Any information about conditions (slick streets, lights, signage, etc.).
  • Photographs of the damage to your car, and the surroundings.
  • Home, work, and cell phone numbers of the responsible party.
  • Any phone numbers of witnesses, etc.
  • The police report number. After the Accident After leaving the scene, there are still others actions that can be helpful and harmful.
  • Do save all receipts and bills pertaining to the accident and its costs.
  • Do not be anything other than forthright with the insurance company and other agencies, short of admitting liability.
  • Do call an accident attorney specializing in car accident insurance claims.
  • Do not sign any documents without having your car accident lawyer review them first.
  • Do make sure that your attorney has the information for all insurance policies that may apply to your accident.
  • Do not accept any funds or checks without having your attorney review them first.

Ensuring the Success of your Car Accident Insurance Claim via Representation

If you or your loved one is the victim of a car accident with plans to file a car accident insurance claim, hiring a car accident attorney with extensive success dealing with insurance companies is vital. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, is not only highly successful with car accident insurance claims, but also obtaining the greatest possible recovery for accident victims with the least effort to the victim and their family.

Ehline Law Firm, PC, has offices located throughout California for the victim’s convenience. If you would like help with your car accident insurance claim, please call today at 1-999-400-9721. Or 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071; 213.596.9642.

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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Specialized Representation

In Need of a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?
More often than not automobile collisions occur because of a driver’s violation of traffic rules. The consequences is that approximately 6 million car accidents occur every year in the United States and Los Angeles usually tops the list of having the most notorious roadways. When you or a family member has been a party to a crash damages may present monetary anguish. This event can mean the loss of a loved one, due to the illegal actions of breaking traffic rules. An accomplished and adept Los Angeles legal advocate can advise you of your legal rights in a manner that is comprehensible and bring a claim against the wrongdoer.

There is no amount of payment that is able to bring back the loss or stop the hurt of losing a beloved family member.  At the same time, you can without a question acquire the projected monetary amount for the ill luck that you have weathered. An adept Los Angeles car accident lawyer will aid in the reimbursement of the top financial recovery that will be required by you, if have endured the tough luck of suffering wage loss and property damages. Additionally, potential damages that may have contributed to lasting disablement and longstanding medical support will also be a priority of the skilled legal professional.

When this type of incident has resulted in you experiencing harm because of the misadventure, then it will determine your individual atonement based on your specific circumstances. The help of a Los Angeles car accident attorney will ease the stress entirely, since they are able to accomplish more at a greater extent, quickly and satisfactorily. If bad luck befalls a driver or passenger in this respect, there is a specified time limit in which you can institute a claim.

This is purported to be a statute depending on the type of claim brought is a number of years, which is dependent upon the state the auto accident occurs. It is similarly important to realize that you are permitted to bring a claim against a legislative figure or government agency, though there is a different statute of limitations.

The time limit to file a claim against these agencies have a much shorter duration in which the claim can be filed and generally a letter of intent must be issued to the agency prior to bringing a lawsuit. Successfully overseeing the authorized documentation, you need precisely the most dependable legal advocate on your side! When you are ultimately seeking fairness, you will want a seasoned and skilled attorney. In displeasing conditions such as automobile wrecks, engaging a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer is essential.

Protect your legal rights by recognizing what to look for in a legal advisor right away. Procuring an authorized legal consultant, who will aid you in speeding up the difficult claims process is crucial. Choosing a legal professional, who frequently addresses similar cases, is advisable. Cursory scrutinizing of a lawyers validity could be more reliable than resumes you encounter at law firms websites. If your friend or family member has undergone the identical circumstance as you, they might contribute meaningful information about legal counsel and former lawyer referrals.
Legal values represents a successful profession, since in reality legal consultants may command higher rates. What this does not allude to is choosing the most minimal rate, which could result in compromising the quality of the type of cases the attorney has experience. Consider the legal advocates accreditations and success record of past cases of the Los Angeles car accident attorney to ensure they have a superior organization and a impeccable track record. Los Angeles car crash lawyer should to be openly receptive, when consulting their law firm.

It is essential to seek a legal professional, who is enthusiastic to answer your questions and advise you of the legal avenues open in your specific situation. This demonstrates that you will be able to trust the lawyer and attorney-client relationship going forward with an auto crash claim.  They will be able to advise the best path to take to obtain the financial gratification that is deserved when a driver or entity violates traffic rules that result in harm or death to an innocent individual.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

California Fatal Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents and other types of motor vehicle crashes often have fatal results for one of the drivers or passengers involved in a collision. After a fatal accident the family who has lost a loved one in a fatal car crash is generally overwhelmed at emotional loss and the legal issues. In many instances the families may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim, to hold and negligent party responsible. This is best done with the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney, who will be able to obtain justice for the family.

The Trauma Of a Bad Crash

Ehline Law Firm PC understands the traumatic experience the family has been through, when they have lost a loved one in a car accident. We have been successful in representing many clients, who have suffered the lost a loved one in a fatal car accident to obtain compensation and hold to negligent party responsible in seeking justice. The law firm represents families and individuals throughout Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area, including San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego.

Our approach to wrongful death cases is to investigate the fatal accident, whether it occurs in a car, motorcycle, truck, bus or train accident in order to collect the necessary evidence that will strengthen the case. We then examine the information and evidence that we have collected to form a strong case to seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of earnings, loss of companionship and other damages the family will suffer due to the unexpected death of a loved one.

The law firm is compassionate and understands the emotionally devastating event that occurred and on behalf of our clients and the victim, we aggressively pursue justice. The first step in this process for the family is to understand the legal options available during this difficult time, so they are able to understand the legal process.

Learn how Ehline Law Firm PC can assist you with legal issues in a fatal motor vehicle accident. We offer a free no obligation consultation to discuss your case. We are available for weekend and evening meetings by appointment, and if you are unable to physically come to our offices, we can arrange a meeting at home or the hospital.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lexus Brakes Given Override

Toyota to remedy some of the problems with sticking accelerators in the Lexus models have begun installing a brake override system on the engine at idle if the computer detects the driver is applying the brakes. This is expected to stop any unwanted acceleration of the vehicles no matter what reason the accelerator pedal sticks.

The Toyota Motor Corp. has begun installing this system on the Toyota Camry, and the Lexus ES 350, however this is has not been an option for the Toyota models that have been recalled. The intended fix for those vehicles that have faulty accelerators is an accelerator pedal replacement. The accelerator sticking is responsible for the deaths of at least one family in Southern California.

The vehicle driven by an off duty California Highway Patrol officer with his family in the vehicle crashed at speeds of approximately 120 miles an hour after making a 911 call that the vehicle was out of control, killing everyone in the vehicle. The Toyota Corp. believes this brake override system will correct the problems that have been associated with their vehicles acceleration problem in these new models.

Family Dies in Fiery Crash While Father Watches

Sunday a man watched powerlessly while his wife and four young children died in a fiery crash, after attempting to rescue them.  According to California Highway Patrol Officer Axel Reyes, Saturday night the man was following his wife and children who were in another vehicle in central California, when a driver at an intersection in Fresno County ran a stop sign, hitting the family’s vehicle.
The impact of the collision caused the Ford Expedition the family including the mother age 29, girls ages 6 and 11 and boys ages 1 and 3 were traveling in to be thrown into the front yard of a home where it burst into flames.

The man told CHP officers that he was approximately a quarter of a mile behind the vehicle his wife and children were in when he saw the flames from the vehicle. He said the vehicle was on fire when he reached it and attempted to get his family out. The man attempted to break the windows out and CHP Officer Reyes said the man suffered minor burns to his hands.
According to CHP Capt. Dave Paris the woman attempted to escape from the vehicle, but was unable to make it out.

The driver of the other vehicle, a minivan has been identified as 41 year old Juana Martinez Bejarano, who was treated as an area hospital for major injuries.
Witnesses of the collision said the minivan driven by Bejarano was traveling around 60 mph on the 55 speed limit county roads. According to Officer Reyes they do not consider speed, alcohol or drugs as a factor in the deadly collision.

The CHP officer said that the crash could not have been timed better, with the vehicle striking at the worst angel, near the engine blocks, which is most likely what caused the Expedition to burst into flames. Investigators are looking into whether Bejarano was taking medication at the time of the crash, since her medical history shows she may have been.

According to Fresno County Coroner Dr. David Hadden the family had been on the way to pick up another child and that is why they were traveling in two vehicles at the time the crash happened. He said it wasn’t clear if it was one of their children or another child. Hadden said that everyone involved in the collision was from Riverdale in Fresno County.
According to reports the family had just left a birthday party prior to the collision and other family member came to the scene with the father.

Sources: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/02/16/california-father-watches-family-die-in-fiery-crash/