Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Facts to Know About Car Accidents

Facts to know about car accidents are that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows that in 2005 alone there were 43,443 Americans killed in motor vehicle accidents. There were 2,494,000 people that were injured in car crashes that year.

These are frightening motor vehicle accident facts and the even more frightening part of it is these statistics are from 2005 and since then the traffic has gotten much more congested in Los Angeles. This means more vehicles on the roadways and more accidents occurring daily, the figures must be higher. At some point almost every driver will be involved in an accident and injured, or possibly even killed.

• Being a passenger is no safer; passengers during a motor vehicle accident also get injured.
• There are some other facts to know about car accidents and the first thing to know is that when you are involved in an accident that is through the fault of another driver they can be held liable for their reckless driving.
• Get the drivers name, phone number, address and drivers license number.
• Do not leave the scene of the accident without calling the police and reporting the accident.
• When the accident is not severe move the vehicles off of the road and out of the way of other traffic that could cause more crashes and injuries.
• When injured in a car accident in Los Angeles get medical treatment immediately.
• If you do not believe you are injured see your physician or other health care provider, because some injuries are not immediately experienced.
• When not severely injured get the names, phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses to the crash. This can be important when holding a reckless driver responsible in a legal claim.
• Hire an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your rights to compensation.

These are some of the facts to know about car accidents and when a car accident happens in Los Angeles the local car accident attorney that has experience is the best choice, because they know the area and the local courts. This should be an attorney that has the resources to properly compile a case that will stand up against the insurance company and in court to have the best possible outcome and compensation. Compensation can cover medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of work and other costs that were incurred due to the accident.

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