Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Traffic Accident Damages Recovery Checklist

Traffic accidents are devastating to all involved. And most people don't carry around a traffic accident damages checklist with them, so we created one for you, the car accident victims. It is important for any driver to be prepared in case they are ever involved in an accident, particularly if they are victims of another person’s negligence. Knowing what to do at the scene, getting the right type of care, and hiring a traffic accident attorney can help protect the victim of a traffic collision from medical, legal, and financial damage later.

Immediately after an accident, the victim of a traffic accident should do the following:

• Call the authorities, or make sure someone else calls them.
• Do not leave the scene.
• Do not admit or discuss liability with any party at the scene. This should only be discussed with your own traffic accident attorney.
• Do not sign any documents that aren’t approved by a traffic accident attorney hired by you.
• Gather as much information as possible from the other parties including driver’s license number, address, phone numbers, and place of work.
• Take pictures of the scene, your automobile, any damage, and any injuries you have.
• Never refuse medical care; first responders are experienced in determining if the victim of traffic accidents is stable enough to be conveyed to another location.
• Always seek medical evaluation in a hospital setting if there are even minor accidents.
• Call a personal injury attorney immediately, even before calling your own insurance.

Once the victim is conveyed to a hospital, testing and treatment can begin immediately, limiting the damage of some injuries that do continued damage without necessarily showing symptoms for hours or even days. Throughout the early days of treatment, a traffic accident attorney can help facilitate treatment, verify that proper and needed treatments are available to the victim, and even provide for continued treatment long-term if needed through the settlement process.

Once the victim is stabilized and undergoing treatment, the attorney will begin to gather facts, evidence, experts, and other important supports to the victim’s future case against the negligent party. The victim benefits from the attorney and his staff handling the paperwork, understanding and educating the victim on the process and deadlines, and facilitating the case. If the other party’s insurance company offers an early settlement, the traffic accident attorney can verify whether or not that settlement is appropriate to the current and future needs of the victim. Often these early settlement offers are low and insufficient; if so, the attorney can fight for the proper settlement in court.

In court, a traffic accident attorney will fight the accusations and minimizations that the other side will try to throw at the victim. Additionally, the information he gathered to support the victim’s case will lend credence to it, and more success to the case itself. Victims who hire traffic accident attorneys like me who take the time to write a Traffic Accident Damages Recovery Checklist, will enjoy greater success rates, less frustration, and much higher settlements as a result.

If you or your loved one is the victim of a traffic accident due to another’s negligence and need help with your case, Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm, Pc, can help. Ehline Law Firm, PC, has offices located throughout California for the convenience and ease of the victim. Michael Ehline has the success rate and experience that can do nothing but benefit the victim in need. Furthermore, Michael Ehline is a Marine and knows what it means to fight for what is right. If you would like information, please call today at 1-888-400-9721.